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Overseas property investments are attractive real estate investment propositions. They are a great way to diversify your portfolio while staying in an investment area (real estate) you are comfortable with.


Overseas Property Investments

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Overseas Property Investment Strategies Must Include Pre Foreclosure Homes

By Erin Perez

With the recent troubling economic times and the collapse of the housing market, many investors are reluctant to venture into property investments, but there have been significant profits made in the real estate market during these times, and there are even more opportunities for many different levels of investment today. Outside of the government incentives, low prices, and great interest rates on loans, there are also many opportunities from pre foreclosure homes to international investments that hold the potential for substantial profit.

The housing market collapse has also forced many owners and investors to find new and inventive ways to hold on to the investments they have, and this has led to some very clever ways for investors and even average homeowners to save and profit in unstable times. Some of the more common options have included overseas property investments and leasing or lease-to-own options. The latter has come into its own as many individuals and families have cut back on financial commitments like large house payments, and this simultaneously allows owners to recoup at least some of their expenses.

Property Investment Advantages Abound...

Now really is one of the best times to purchase a wide range of properties from residential to commercial, and regardless of what level of investment you are committed to, there is an incentive to help manage the costs. Government tax breaks and buyer credits are just two of the many options that amount to thousands of dollars in savings, and when these incentives are combined with properties at or below market value, the result is some of the best deals ever seen in the real estate market.

Foreclosure and pre foreclosure homes have also become quite a big business as the housing crunch left many banks holding hundreds of vacant properties that drop in value the longer they sit. In lieu of taking a total loss, these banks will opt for price drops and even resort to foreclosure auctions to move the property as quickly as possible.

Other Real Estate Investment Options for the Modern Investor

Quite a few new trends have emerged as a result of the explosion of the global marketplace, and one of those that has long eluded the average individual is the overseas property investment. While certain economies, and also housing and property markets, are in a downturn, others may be booming or poised to grow rapidly. The average investor is now capable of searching, locating, and even purchasing certain properties around the world through the use of the modern Internet, and often without the need for third party property investment companies.

Overseas investments have been traditionally difficult to hold from the standpoint of the average investor do the logistical and financial requirements needed just to maintain them from another part of the world. Today, for the same costs of flying to a physical location and surveying a property in person, one can purchase the property with full understanding of all of its aspects through online

The only real limitations to the modern property investor in today's electronic world are the size of their budget and the time they have to devote to it.

Snippets news on purchasing property abroad...

Reasons to buy in Canada
With Canada growing in popularity as a tourist destination creating more great growth opportunities, there are now some great reasons to invest there.

Holiday island a showcase for breathtaking architecture
If you had visited Phuket 10 years ago, you would have been struck by the graceful sweep of the steely sloping roofs that were a feature of almost all of the high-end properties.

You can bet your bottom dollar on Canadian property
Whilst much talk in the media relates to the sub-prime mortgage market meltdown in the US, the global credit crunch, weakening currencies and of general uncertainty in many countries are leading to some great deals.

Purchasing property outside the euro zone
The Euro Zone is the name given to the 15 European Union member states officially involved in a currency union and which all use the Euro as their sole sanctioned currency. Is it worth the punt ton continue investing in these EU regions?

Gap between the world's most and least expensive cities is widening
Property owners and investors like to know where their properties will achieve the best value for money.

Singing the praises of a Canary Island
There are still property bargains to be found in Lanzarote – an island with year round rental potential.

Proceed with care for maximum returns
Many UK property investors have benefited greatly by buying overseas, but there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid as recently seen on a number of TV programmes.

Making Iberian dreams come true
Spain and Portugal have proved popular with overseas property investors, and with good reason and its not just the sunshine. 

Cape Verde: No longer a well kept secret
Only recently discovered as an international holiday destination, the Cape Verde islands of the coast of Senegal offer sun, sea and still sensational property prices.

Finding a way through the Cyprus property labyrinth
Buying property anywhere without checking the buyer’s right to sell is dangerous. Buying in northern Cyprus, where political and social upheaval has made ownership rights a nightmare for the unwary.

When in Rome
Italy is famed for its easy going lifestyle, but when it comes to property transactions that are precise and demanding rules that must be followed.

French buyer beware
French law aims to protect property buyers, and the process of buying a house in France is structured and regulated. But this does not mean buyers can afford to relax from the sharks.

Vive la différence
It is easy to get to France, but the shortness of the journey belies the significant difference in French and British property, tax and inheritance laws. Tread very carefully.

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